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Share any Notion page you create with select people, your whole team, or the entire web. It's up to you. Here's a quick overview of how to share 🗣

You can invite people inside or outside your workspace to share a Notion page with you.

  • Start with your page in Private in your sidebar.

  • On the page, go to Share at the top right.

  • Click the Add people button.

  • Enter the person's email address in the space provided, choose a level of access from the dropdown (i.e. full access, can view, can comment), and click Invite.

  • If the person is outside your workspace, they'll join the page as a guest.

  • If the person is already a member of your workspace, you'll see their profile photo pop up in the invite menu, and the page will show up under Shared in your sidebar, as seen above.

If you have multiple people working with you in Notion, you can quickly share any page with all of them. There are several ways to do this:

  • Create a page under Workspace in your sidebar. Everyone in your workspace will automatically have access to it.

  • Drag a private page into Workspace in your sidebar. This automatically shares it with everyone.

  • Switch on Workspace Access on the page. Click Share at the top right for this option. You can also assign everyone in your workspace a particular access level from the dropdown. For example, everyone Can Read instead of being able to edit.

  • Share a page's URL. Every page in Notion has its own unique URL you can use to share it on Slack or elsewhere. Go to Share at the top right and click Copy Page Link. Only people who have access to the page can see it.

Notion is a fast, simple way to create and edit a website. Publish your portfolio, resume or anything else you want public on the web.

  • Click Share at the top right on the page.

  • Switch on Share to the web. Immediately, your page is public at its unique URL!

  • All sub-pages will instantly become public as well and work as links.

  • Click Copy link to share your page with anyone, whether they use Notion or not.

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