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If you find that your Notion is stuck on a blank screen, sometimes the old adage is true: try restarting it! Read on to learn how to reset your Notion app in your browser, desktop app or mobile device ⚠️

Note: Resetting your app or browser cache will log you out of any active Notion accounts. Make sure you have your login information handy so you can sign back in after resetting!


  • Open the Developer Tools using  cmd + option + i for Mac, or ctrl + shift + i for Windows.

  • Keep the Developer Tools console open, and right click the refresh button on the top.

  • Select Empty Cache and Hard Reload.

  • Navigate to Application, and expand the Cookies on the left hand side.

  • Right click on the Notion link and press Clear.


  • Open the Safari menu in your system menu bar, and select Preferences.

  • In the Privacy section, select Manage Website Data.

  • Search for "Notion," select it, and then click Remove All.


  • To the left of the URL, click the 🔒 icon.

  • Click Clear Cookies and Site Data.

  • Click Remove.

Mac app

  • Open the Notion menu in your system menu bar, and select Reset App and Clear Local Data.

Windows app

  • Close your Windows App.

  • In File Explorer, go to C:\\\\Users\\<USERNAME>\\AppData\\Roaming

  • Delete the "Notion" folder, as shown below:

  • Delete the Notion App from your mobile device. This may differ between different Android & iOS versions.

  • Don't worry about losing your Notion data since we have it synced up with your account!

  • Head on over to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to reinstall the Notion app or click here to enter your phone number so that we can send you a text with a link to the App Store.

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